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Food Truck and Café Serving Authentic Irish Cuisine

Our Food Truck and Café at a Glance

To get a closer look at The Chipper Truck & Cafes in Bronx, New York, browse through the photos in the gallery. You may also read the testimonials to find out why customers choose us.


Customer Testimonials

“Been a customer since they were just a food truck on Katonah Avenue, food is always delicious and quick and owners Val and Alice are great people. 5-11 sandwich with curry coleslaw chips is A+” – Barry

“Perfect way to soak up the night’s festivities” – John


“great food, quick delivery. usually my Friday night go-to for my family. love your food! thanks for the sweet service!” – Betsy Suarez Recommends The Chipper Truck & Cafes, Posted on September 14

“I'm a travel RN from upstate and have been to the Truck on McLean 4 times since I arrived in Yonkers early in February. Prior to becoming an RN, I worked in customer service and restaurant management....So now, when I'm going to spend money for food, I truly appreciate the talent that goes into getting delicious food on the table, and the HUGE heart it takes to work front of the house and serve customers with a smile. I've been to other places in the neighborhood that have the same types of food on the menu (hey, I live here but I'm KIND of a tourist), and each time, what I ended up paying for was NOT what I'd asked for. At the Truck I feel at home, they've never messed up

my order, and the staff doesn't feel like STAFF when I visit. They just make it feel like I'm hanging out, eating breakfast with friends. A really AMAZING breakfast. Not to shabby for a lonely traveling nurse.” – Carla Patterson Reviewed The Chipper Truck & Cafes, Posted on March 7, 2017 ★★★★★

“Absolutely awesome. The scones are to die for. I had a western omelet which was great. Our table also had a veggie omelet and scrambled eggs. All were fantastic. The coffee was good too! Our waitress Melanie was fantastic. Such a great addition to the neighborhood and we can't wait to come back again!” – Shanna Gordan Reviewed The Chipper Truck & Cafes, Posted on February 8, 2015 ★★★★★


“I love this family owned and operated establishment. The food is great and I am so glad they're so close!!!” – Maria Castagnozzi Reviewed The Chipper Truck & Cafes, Posted on January 28, 2017 ★★★★★

“Awesome food and run by nice people. Homestyle cooking” – James Morgan Reviewed The Chipper Truck Café, Posted on September 1, 2017★★★★★

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